What do I have to take into account when retrofitting and LED

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Hi Guys,

Out of curiosity i demolished one of my top solar energy solutions garden led light and try to analyze to components and the circuit.

Inside i found a component that i didn't recognize the " YX8018" after some searching on the internet i think it's a solar led driver + it boosts the voltage because it needs to give 3.5V the lit a white LED (3.5). Since the only datasheet i found is chinese and their translation is pretty bad (google translate) i do not fully understand the circuit. I will add the Circuit as an attachment in this post.

I did some measurements and the solor panel generates 2V in light condition

if i look at the scheme of the datasheet ... I think as long the VDD input of the YX8018 recieves current (light condition) because the current the solor panel generates flows trough the battery and trough the VDD input it connects output CE and VDD so that the solor led panel is directly connected to ground so it charges up the battery.

Here is where i'm stuck

- In light condition the VDD input recieves power from the solor panel. In dark condition it recieves power from the battery. How can the VDD input make the difference ? or does the current from the solor panel flows directly into the battery because the potential of the battery (1.2V) is lower then that of the solar panel 2V, but then again how does the YX8018 know when connect CE en GND

- What is the use of the inductor ?

- What is LX output ? i assume it boosts the Voltage up to 3.5 V for the white led .

Thanks for the help

What aspects need to be taken in consideration when replacing a light source with LEDs in a retrofit scenario??

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Operating voltage, form factor, light output. To name a few.

Provide more details if you want more specifics on important aspects.