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    Apr 25, 2008
    I convince a cross section of America that color T.V.
    was a good thing to Invest in and the enjoyment
    it would bring them.In Florida we have seasonal
    people from across the world that own condo's.
    I sold thousands on color T.V. face to face that
    took there opinions home with them and there
    story. I remember the man I met from MO.
    Beenthere's state,( he I'm from Mo.,I said ok being a
    country boy he said you don't know that Mo. is the show me state.
    I have many more stories from people across the country.
    Remember color T.V. considered a miracle at frist site.
    We will have a lot more miracles,but we understand them more.
    We now expect them to happen once a month.