What Case should I use for SuperRegen radio

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Hi All

I built a super-regen radio and want to enclose this in a box of some sort. I have two options -

1. Plastic box
2. Aluminium Box

Now I want to listen to this radio when I am sitting next to my computer. I know that the best option is to use the aluminium box as it provides the best sheilding. However I dont understand how that will help, when the antenna will be protruding out of the box and therefore the radiation from the computer will be picked up from the antenna regardless of which box I use. Is this a correct assumption ? so should i just stick to plastic box ?



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A super-regen radio has an AM detector. Most interference is AM so it might pickup interference from the computer, from light dimmers and from many other things.

A super-regen also transmits interference.

A metal box might cause it not to work due to the added capacitance.

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I would put it in a metal box.

And take it for a boat ride.

no way!! i can pick up Air Traffic clear as a bell with this!

I think I will have to go with a plastic box and not listen to it near the computer.

Hey AudioGuru, thanks for the tip about AM.


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I'm half-kidding ;)

Hopefully, one day you'll build a superheterodyne radio.

Don't go near an airport with your superregen radio. You'll likely cause severe interference with aircraft communication.

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yes why not to build a superhet - actually thats a good idea - as long as i can pick up ATC communications hehe