what can i kind of job titles can i get out of these classes i am taking

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    Jun 11, 2008
    Hello guys and happy friday,

    I was thinking about the trade school i am going to and the classes i am taking right now and what jobs i can get or cannot get with this diploma i would get next august.

    At the school i am going to there is two different courses to take. One is called ECM and the other is EST. Ecm is electrical construction maintenance, and Est is electronic systems technician. I went ahead with the EST program which is a diploma program not a certificate.

    Here is a link to the schools page for info and description of the course outline. http://www.coyneamerican.edu/program...technician.php can anyone help me along with what job titles i can get with this program i went with????? The program i went with was about 12,000 and the ecm is 8,000. i thought i would be better off with est seems more in depth or more well rounded. i really didnt want to be an electrician bending pipe all day. but i still am confused on what job titles i can expect to get out of these classes... everytime i try talking to someone at the school about this it seems like i get the run around never a specific answer. which makes me start to wonder...
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    Aug 13, 2008
    It likely greatly depends where you live, and what the demand is. I live in Australia, and have just finished bachelors of electrical engineering, From the recruitment agencies I'm getting emails from, a lot of them are looking for 'electrical engineer, or electronics technician' They all seem to focus on circuitry and pcb design for electronics to go in heavy machinery (mining equipment etc). Currently here, those jobs pay around $60k (AU)

    here they seem to title the jobs 'industrial electronics technician'

    Theres probably lots of other things you would be qualified to do, Probably something that'd be enjoyable and pay to your liking.
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    Mar 6, 2008
    Just an opinion based on work as related to education - but many times it also depends on the school. If it's a reputable school, they will have quite a few job programs, connections, or entry programs w/ large employers.
    However, location - as the previous post mentioned is critical. If you live in an area that has sent jobs to differing countries your options have been cut w/ many of the real career oriented positions --unless you are OK with moving TO those countries. If you live in the USA; NAFTA has hurt your opportunities.

    I think you made with wiser choice of the two selections as it seems more flexible. ....Looking at the website you mentioned, I would make every attempt to get more involved with THEM. If you are giving them your money, you should expect a little bit of work-related networking, etc.

    Very few reputable trade schools are left since most parents believe that their kids need a Liberal Arts undergrad degree, most go to some state or private university. A good trade school would have some connections in their industry to offer their students a chance to find entry-level openings.
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    Jun 11, 2008
    thank you guys for input... i feel relaxed now... they do work with us but i thought it was just one of those gimmicks that hey come to our school and we have 80% job placement but yet when you talk with them they have to students learning how to do resumes do yours for you and its not worth crap or come to our school but you have to get 100% every class and never miss a minute but if you do miss one or the other we cant help you get a job lol

    so you guys think i made the better choice going with est instead of the ecm... i think your right on the part with pc boards and stuff i like that. any specific titles for that type of work?
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    Aug 30, 2007
    The class I teach is called Electronics Technology, my students have gone on to several different fields. One is working for a medical supply manufacturer,they make some kind of drug cart that nurses push from room to room.The cart has a laptop computer and a electrically locking cabinet .Another went to work for a manufacturer of laser rangefinders as a engineering assistant. Another is a bench tech. Others are still job shopping.

    There are many fields out there and ,depending on your locality, you should think about the type of work,and enviroment,you're looking for.
    Some of my students have started thier own businesses, one of them customizes third brake lights so that they flash like the nightrider using a pic. He has a day job, but people keep asking him how he did his light, so he customizes thiers, for extra income. He stopped in about 3 months after graduating , said his education has opened up a whole new world for him. Another student works on ATM machines , he stays on the road a lot, not a job everyone would like. My advice would be to suck up all the training you
    can, and look around at what's available in your area for jobs. You may not use all the training you get ,but it'll never be a waste.
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    Apr 20, 2004
    The job you get is more up to you than you might imagine. I got my electronics in the Navy. After that, I worked for an outfit as an hourly worker. I got tired of that, and got a job with a private company and went to a salary. And ended up spending 24 years at a big university repairing and designing electronics, also with a salary.

    You just have to be able to do your job and learn from it to make steps up.
  7. loosewire

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    Apr 25, 2008
    This school has been around for 60 years,I would suggest to you to
    look at heating air condition,refrigeration,aas degree.Threre is big
    demand ac tech.You would not have to bend wire,it would be waiting
    for you to connect .Gas up the new unit using gauges. You could
    start at $20.00 pre hour .Be in in own business in 10 year. Every
    place you go look for the different types of ac units,they provide
    heat also. Guys look at the link ,help out.Buildings in the future will
    be computer controlled. you tube ac repair.