What are the subfields of electrical and electronic engineering

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Hi everyone

I know that the term electrical and electronic engineer is broad, and that you wouldnt have this as a job title. But I was hoping to find a comprehensive list of how the field subdivides and some basic info on each fields that you would do as a profession. i know there is control, working with plc's, scada etc, and there is embedded systems, and power engineering, but am looking for an exhaustive list so I can get a full picture of the industry and the various branches.

Thanks in advance for any useful info or links

There are too many to name but i will name the main branches.

obviously these branches produce more fields within them

1 communications
internet, radio, tv, networking etc

2 analogue electronics
design of silicone chips as there are all made out of transistor circuits
general circuit design for a given specification

3 digital signal processing
image and computer processing, hawkeye from the tennis being a good example of dsp. Mri machines automotive industry. anything really that can be digitized and processed.

4 electricity distribution
speaks for itself

5 electrical engineering for companies
how much power does a particular building need, how many outlets and power would i need on a ship or plane or whatever

6 power stations
working maintaining power stations and designing transformers

i have no doubt missed some things out as the field is massive


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I would also add Systems Engineering, which really crosses over to other fields. Many EE's are systems engineers.

Robotics and Controls Engineering. Another area that crosses over to other fields. Controls is really a separate area, but it often gets lumped in with robotics because robots use extensive controls.