What are the inputs and output in Encoder and decoder

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Can anyone explain what are input and outputs in encoder and decoder.
I know in encoder we can input octal and output is binary and decoder convert binary yo its original mean octal. is it right?


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Encoder and decoder are very general purpose descriptions of functions. It can apply to may different types of devices and functions, not just between octal and binary.

So no specific answer to your question is possible without saying the exact type of encoder and decoder you are referring to. Certainly you can make a encoder/decoder that can convert between octal and binary or vice versa.


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Another use of an encoder is to accept multiple data lines and based on its select input, it outputs only one data line. It is used as a Multiplexer in that way.

The opposite is to have a binary select input and based on it the according output line is activated. That is the operation of the decoder.

As said before, those terms are pretty general and may differ on the specific application.