We've lost our friend, Bill "beenthere" Bennett

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Bill "Beenthere" Bennett died Oct. 29, 2011 after a long battle with cancer. He was 66. He is survived by his wife, Joyce, 3 step children, Ryan (Sarah) Gerling of Columbia, Michael (Jennifer) Gerling of Edwardsville, Ill., and Jillian (Ryan) Kovacs of St. Peters; and three grandchildren, Charlotte Gerling, Marcus Gerling and Emily Kovacs.

Jrap was contacted by a reporter posting the obituary and given the bad news.

Bill's obituaries include...



The administrators and moderators are working on a suitable memorial to honor Bill. The man was extraordinarily gifted, patient, and a major asset to AAC and the community at large. He was missed, he is missed, and he will be missed.

People wishing to send a sympathy card may mail to the following address:

Note: This mailing address has expired.
Joyce Bennett and Family
c/o Bill Marsden
P.O. Box 460561
Garland, TX 75046-0566
United States of America

It will be forwarded to his family.

Note: Postal regulations require Bill Marsden's name to be on the envelop to be delivered to this address. If only Joyce's name appears it will not be delivered.
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This was a real shock to me. Bill was a help to me on numerous occasions, and I am very sad to hear this :(

You have been a great friend, Bill. You will be sorely missed.


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My contact with beenthere has always at a distance because of that small puddle. However I can honestly express nothing but respect for Bill and his his posting at AAC, he will be sadly missed for unstinting service.
My heart goes out to his family at this time.


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I only knew Bill "beenthere" Bennett in cyber space. That Bill "beenthere" Bennett is not longer among us is great loss for this forum. My condolences goes to his famely


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A final farewell to the man that helped AAC become what it is today.

I hope the rest of us members can reach some of his knowledge and wisdom and carry on his legacy.

We will do our best to educate anyone who seeks to know All About Circuits.

I wish strength in his family and determination to his successors.


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I have been to our church yesterday evening, to sing in the choir.
I have also burned a candle for Bill, as it is Souls day over here, to remember him.
My thoughts are with the family.



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I kept email contact with Bill during his illness since the beginning of this year. I was sending him jokes, among other things, to try to keep his spirits up. Bill was a very private man, since he did not share his illness with the general population I had no choice but to respect his privacy.

His widow is understandably devastated. Their kids are mostly grown, Bill was looking forward to meeting his new grand daughter, and hoping he could make it long enough to see her born. He made it, barely.

Like many of us here, I consider Bill a friend. If I have seemed out of sorts lately now you know why.


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I only know "beenthere" Bill from my short journey so far on AAC. My condolences to Bill's family. We'll all miss Bill.


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This is very sad news, indeed. :(

I never had the privilege of meeting Bill in person; but I called him a friend. I always found Bill to have a steady hand and lots of ideas to help people that he'd probably never meet.

His passing leaves a large void indeed. I shall miss our exchanges.

Rest in Peace, my friend. Fair winds and following seas....

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Thanks to Bill_M, the PO Box has now been setup for those wishing to mail a letter to beenthere's family. It would be a great thing if a number of us from around the globe could send our condolences to Mrs. Bennett and family.



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Oh no. I felt worried about him, but I dismissed it; thought I was just paranoid. I didn't know he had cancer. Well, I will miss him! I didn't know he was in the navy.