Weller WS80 Service Manual Needed

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Hello all,
I have a Weller station (WS80) and the problem I have is that the "pencils" are not achieving the right heating temperature. The maximal temperature I supposed to get is 450°C and I get maximum about 320-350°C.
I suspected the "pencil" and I've bought 2 new ones, getting the same results. I use Kester solder wire (0.015, the thinnest), also the shortest and thinnest tip but soldering SMD parts (0603) takes a lot of time.
Opening the station, I've found that there are 3 interior trimmers for adjustment, but I don't know how to adjust them, as I cannot get the service manual. I've searched the net for hours, without success.
Any help or assistance will be appreciate.
Thank you in advance.



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Does this unit have interchangeable tips... if so, what method are you measuring tip temp with... I use a laser / infrared thermometer
I have found my heat elements/ tips threads get corroded, and do not transfer heat properly from heat element to the tip...

You may want to run an appropriate size bottoming tap into the heat element to "chase" the threads, and before you reinstall a tip, apply a dab of silicone heat-sink grease to the threads... it will make a big difference.