weird women ?

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So, I was at a club yesterday
And I meet this girl and her friends...
I basically chilled with them for most of the night.

what I am trying to figure out is I know this girl likes me but I cann't figure her completely out yet.

First she kept touching my inner thigh and that usually in my book is a good thing. So I basically tried to kiss her but she mostly gave me the side of her cheek. So I didn't persist that much with it and just kept it touchy feely.

So also would tell me extra info or private info like I am really from etc etc but I am just telling those guys I am from yada yada

And for like 15 mins or longer she went to the bathroom with her sister...
Then we went to the club
I did ask her and all her friend when I first sat down who was involved/had boyfriends.... The girl that I am talking about said she was just just starting a relation ship... I kiddingly said was it with a guy by the name of my name...etc jokingly she just laughed but didn't say No.

So after all this we went dancing and at the end of the night they asked for my phone number so I gave it to them... I felt I did to much already so I left it up to her (that might of been a poor mistake but F it if she likes me she will call at least once )

On another note:
The other girl a few nights ago I asked for her name and number though we didn't spend more then 5 minutes together. I gave that one a call and she hasn't got back to me yet so I felt that I would try it the other way around.

I already got shot down with the kiss (a little bit) so I figured why not let her call me. Though I am curious why she was so touch feely but not kissing friendly maybe she really does have a new relation ship but even if she does then why would she be feeling me up and accepting being felt up by me.
She even showed me her underwear but that was after I showed her mine because of been asked to show.

Any comments on what is going on here.... Anyway if she doesn't call then F it again I am going back to try and pick up another one. I have to say she was older but very very hot (supermodel hot)... And I am getting better about this stuff.
Basically have just one light drink to make you less nervous but not drunk
The don't think to hard just act if a bad outcome occurs just move on...
Smile and ask open ended questions / listen ,...etc

I am actually so glad that I am learning to just not fear any girl situations
Even around some of there guys I have had them say sometime shes with me ...etc etc Normally if it starts to get more involved then that a simple just move along... I have been shot down a ton and I have to say each time I just see it as less of an issue and laugh it off... And I am finding more and more I am getting closer and closer to my goal :)

Which is being the most attractive confident guy in the places.

I have to say I can see right through most girls intentions its funny how girls can pretty much get at least one guy to give them what they want.

Question 1
So how far should I give them what they want ... even though I know some of them are just toying with me a little.
If I don't given in at all they may just say F it I will just find somebody else.... if I give in to much they might say F it this guy is P whipped. So there must be a time when to give and went to not....
I can tell you all the toy games ,...etc but I cann't tell you in what situations will you not play into them.

The girl that I am talking about in this thread she never really played to many games with me to much...
Except one another guy in the dance club came up behind her dancing and she whispered get this guy off me/ lose this guy.
Also at the bar she would always rest her head on my chest which I kind of liked.

The only problem with her is if I found out she had kids... for me I don't care how hot you are I am not getting in a relation ship with kids (especially not mine).
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Sounds like you just gotta seperate her from the heard then take her down like an antelope. They will do those kinds of moves to let you know they're a freak and interested but they don't wanna hear if from their friends so anything PDA they will shun, but the hand on the inside theigh is an obvious sign. So take the number and single her out. Probably won't even have to buy her dinner. :)


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There are dates and players, Mathematics,do the math.

Players are more worldly,dates are local ,from the Interview

of the lady that had the boat captain to lose it at sea.

You got to many projects going,do you have time to take

on another.There better advice here,you will get it.


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The other girl a few nights ago I asked for her name and number though we didn't spend more then 5 minutes together. I gave that one a call and she hasn't got back to me yet so I felt that I would try it the other way around.
DON'T call them. Let them call you. Also, there's a conventional "3-day waiting period" before one should call the other. It's a standard. It allows each party to think about what (who) they really want, and if they think it's a good idea to continue building a relationship. That's my 2 cents on this. Can't say much about the rest.


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Mathematics! you are weird man!
You can see right through most girls intentions but don't you think they can see right through you?
Building a long term relationship ain't the same as scoring.
If you want a genuine relationship, be genuine yourself.
Touching or kissing the first time you meet a girl? Not in my books. Holding hands, maybe.
Take it easy and get to know the person first. The rest will fit into place when the time comes.
Call me old fashioned.
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The question is basically do you want a relationship or a sport lay. Depending on that answer you will have two very different approaches. If youre really into the lady, do not hesitate, call her up, make a date, show her a great time and be the ultimate Prince Gallahad. Once she is comfortable she will let you know what she wants. It may be casual, freaky or white picket fence and 2 kids with a dog. Investigate as you would any other piece of merchandise or equipment. She may end up being around to rock your world for a long long time. My wife and I have been together nearly 20 years and married nearly 10, and she rocks my world like a 18 YO nypho freak every time (i'm 50 plus and 100% disabled too).... Just sayin.
Wheelchair Bob

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I hear what you guys are saying
And I myself haven't quite figured out if I just want to score or a relationship.
Probably a little of both...

But now that I think about it it was probably a bad idea to try kissing...
But I don't know in the big picture of things would this have ruined it for me?

Also I don't know if not taking her number and just giving my number was a mistake also
Probably so....

But I will see how it pans out.

With each new mistake you learn not to make it twices....
Honestly the way she was acting around me short of almost implied trying to kiss would be ok. But maybe I am wrong.

Though I said I can read what most girls are trying to do... obviously not all and obviously I can make mistakes....
I have to say from her point of view I could have been coming off as somebody that just wanted to get laid... But then again how could anybody not if you saw how hot she was and the way she was acting...

Of course she could be a teaser ...

But all I have to say is whatever I had fun that night regardless weather she calls me back or not.

And I am quite aware of the rules like the 3 day before calling ,don't kiss on first date ,...etc
But obviously those don't always work in every context my friend got married to a girl he meet walking down the street. He got her number that day called her the next day and the rest is history....

Anyway not going to worry about weather I made a mistake that night or not
you cann't change the passed...

Question 1)
Though any good advice for the future if she does call back ?

Question 2)
I am pretty good with the rules of trying to start a long term relationship but what happens if I just want a short term fooling around relationship... Is there any rules or tips in being successful with this area ?
Like is there any boundaries or can you basically say do you want to fool around ...etc etc
As well what do you think is the most likely way of getting into a short term relationship?

I am more kicking myself for not getting her number though... should you always get the number and call even when you think you did to much already like kiss ,...etc. Because the way I was think is give her my number and leave it up to her to call me initially to maybe show that I am not totally stuck on her. Normally I always get the number and call the girl the first time but is it wrong/doesn't work if you do it the other way around...

Well I am going to find out.
And also this wasn't technically a planned date so I don't know if the rules still apply in all cases to this situation.

You can see right true most girls intentions but don't you think they can see right through you?
Not saying they don't see my intentions they where pretty obvious though I don't think they see all of my intentions either since there are boundaries that I have as well that know girl could control ,...etc etc
Anyway I am not trying to hide my intentions I would have took her home that night she knows this I think.
But I also would have planned another date to go out with her again so I basically left it up to her if she wants to proceed then just call my number that simple.
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Patience, man, patience.

If you are only interested in sex then there are other ways.

I'm hearing you want a girlfriend. This means relationship. This in turns means going slow.

Some guys are blessed with whatever it is that allows them to talk a woman into the sack, I think it is partly pheromones, partly attitude. The fact is most of the guys like this are total a$$es, part of why they succeed is they don't care about anyone but themselves. Is this what you want to be?

Any woman who is that easy is likely to give you something permanent. Drug resistant gonorrhea is on the rise, for example. It is for life again, if you get the wrong strain. Easy women don't care either.

IMO a girlfriend is definitely better, more rewarding, and a heck of a lot more fun. And yes, a lot more work.
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First time you meet a girl and there is mutual interest, exchange phone numbers.
Wait for three days if she doesn't call and then you call and invite her for coffee/snack/lunch not dinner (at a local deli/coffee shop/snack bar).


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Quote from midnight players and feral cats are

Hard to find,...Players ,play the players..know no shame.

A good lnterview, the real world. A part of coming safely home from

Player trip.


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The question is basically do you want a relationship or a sport lay. Depending on that answer you will have two very different approaches.
"The question is, are you going fishing or are you going hunting? Because if you're going hunting you need a gun and if you're going fishing you need a rod."

And I myself haven't quite figured out if I just want to score or a relationship.
Probably a little of both...
"I haven't decided yet" [as he walks off into the woods with blunt stick and a large rock]


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U blew it big time
Thats what I though with hand on the inner thiegh. Women are weird about pda when their in a heard. Thats why you gotta seperate her. Cause a couple of her friends will be jealous and talk crap about you. The other will be annoyed this was supposed to be girls night out, blah blah blah. Just get her alone and spring the trap.


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Man you need to learn a bit about women. ;)

Be rude to her female friends and look at them like they are crap, then look at her like she's hot and you want her, but remain aloof and give off the signal that you're not going to do her like she's not quite up to your standard. Then she'll practically make it her mission in life to track you down and get with you.

Of course this relies on you being at least reasonably alpha, ie fit, strong and not too ugly.

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well, I had a good time none the less. If she calls then great if not then whatever I will learn from this mistake....etc (its a learning process before getting great at it)

As such if she was dirty then I didn't really want to fool around once.

More into girl friend or long term friends with benefits not one night stand wuth STD no matter how hot they are.

It just shows though if I could get somebody this hot then I shouldn't limit myself into think I cann't do it again. :)