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    Sep 22, 2012
    Hello Guys, it been a while since I have lurked in this forum. I just want to ask if anyone by chance have tried looking into reusing cheap webcams. There's a lot of cheap webcams available and I was thinking if I could re-purpose them in some of my projects.

    A lot of discussion I have read, talk about interfacing it on higher layer. I mean using usb which most of the low end and some mid end MCU can't handle. I am interested in the raw data of the camera sensor. I still haven't read a lot about camera sensors filling me up with info is great. Some of my questions are, whether if the sensors dump the data in serial or in parallel multiple pins. The power needed for the sensor. Different sensors in different webcams?

    And if anyone has experience what could the be the minimum MCU chip I can use. could the low end 8 bit chips be possible? Like the old and popular pic16f84a or the f877a. I'm thinking of modular so the job will just be the camera's simple image processing and the communication(maybe via UART or other serial communication available on chip). Other functions like the display, or higher level processing might be done on another chip.

    I'm thinking of using it for,
    - Robot.
    - Color Recognition
    - Face recognition
    - Object/Shape recognition
    - DIY reverse camera for cars
    - Camera for RC
    - Any project that might make use of it.
    well that's just what I have remembered.hahaha...