We Were Facebook Before Facebook


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I believe why Facebook is so popular and why websites such as this don't get as recognized or credited for social networking as Facebook is because it's the first idiot prof website and back then most of the good websites that had forums where mostly for "nerds". Linux groups, engineers, and what have you. It was basically the days where the general public would only check or send emails or play flash games to kill time.


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No guys its all money now a days. Back in the late 90's you could create a site and blow it up big enough to make a bunch of money before the money guys jump on you. Now since the interenet is a proven money maker if you come up with an idea thats good. Its gonna be stolen and backed by billionaires within a month. Its really the apple biz model. Wait for someone to do something. Then if it works build your own with your brand. Sites like these make very little money. Most have to plaster adds everywhere just to pay half the server bills.

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Ajm113, We are not nerds,we are on face book and youtube you just don't have the real names. Maybe you are killing time,we are changing time. @HHHunzai ,You have not been around and you would have to a lot of old post.


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Facebook is just the lucky one. It is a horrible website. Ugly as all heck. Not very intuitive in my opinion.

It had too things going for it. First there was the idea of social networking. but lots of sites had that. I think mainly it was the name. It was simple and it caught on.

I fail to see the appeal of the site. While we post here in off topic to mess around once in a while, the vast majority are here for the rest pf the site to learn or teach or both.

I just don't understand why someone thinks others care what they had for breakfast this morning. But it probably explains why there are so many people using cell phones out there. I guess most people have nothing of real substance in their lives and need to fill the void with something.


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I agree I can't stand FB. When grandma wants to FB you its time to hang it up and go else where. I miss BBS's on 2400baud. :) That was fun. i remember the first time I saw a 14.4 I was amazed how fast each line loaded. I was blazing fast!