Waveform (function) Generator

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    Dec 27, 2005
    This circuit generates some quite useful waveforms - It is based on the standard triangle / square wave generator (linear integrator driving schmidt comparator) but is followed by a switchable invert/non-invert follower.. Switching of this is done by the square wave, and the triangle wave output is inverted/non-inverted every 1/2 cycle.

    The result (output from) this switched buffer is a ramp waveform at 2x the frequency of the square/triangle waveforms.

    A simple mixer mixes whichever waveforms (Square,Triange,Ramp) to produce a wide range of waveforms with interesting harmonics (this oscillator is the basis of a VCO I use in synthesisers)..

    For example, mixing ramp and square waveforms, one can produce a ramp at the same frequency as the triangle, mixing all 3 waveforms one gets ramp for 1/2 cycle followed by space for 1/2 cycle.

    Almost any opamps (TLO7x, LM324 etc) can be used.