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I found this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-GAvA0YCxE at YouTube when I was searching water battery.

Okay, as you may see the narrator says that you need water, a container, zinc strip, copper strip and a voltmeter for you to measure.

So, will somebody explain to me how a water generates an electric current? Please.:D

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It works the same way as a normal battery. He's just using water instead of a proper electrolyte. The trace impurities in tap water must be just about enough to get a measurable voltage but, as he says in his comments, there isn't enough current to run a calculator.

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Thank you very much. So that means now if I use a pure water, for example distilled water, there will be no voltage measurable and if there is any just a little? Am I right?

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That's right. Distilled water will most likely not work at all.

The way it works is that the zinc has extra valence electrons in its outer shell (I believe you've worked with valence shells, right?), and the copper has a deficiency of electrons. Because of this, the electrons from the zinc "want" to go to the copper to fill up some "holes". As you probably know, current is the movement of electrons. So when electrons are stripped from the zinc and move through the water to the copper, it creates an electrical current. You can increase the voltage of your battery by adding even more impurities to the water (salt is a popular choice). This helps the electrons flow more easily.
I hope this helps!
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