Wattage Carried by 161 KV Line

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I am trying to figure out how many megawatts are carried by a 161 KV, 3 phase line. The wire diameter is .6 inches. Is there any other info that would be needed? Thanks:confused:


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Yes, you need to know the current in amperes & the power factor [or cosine of the phase angle]. 3 phase power [in watts]=1.732XVoltageXCurrentXPower Factor.


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Bare copper wire can take about 3A/mm2.

I guesstimate the maximal power could be somewhere between 100-150MVA.


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In the U.S., the most common conductor for transmission line use is aluminum,or more specifically ACSR (Aluminum conductor steel reinforced) so here is your conductor info and ampacity rating per the Lineman and Cablemans Handbook.
Your conductor diameter(true dia. of .609 in.) falls into the category of an aluminum conductor of 266.8 Kcmil (Cable code word "Waxwing") and has a nomimal current carrying rating of 430 amperes with a 40 deg. C rise over an
ambient temp of 40 deg. C.