water irrigation system

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    Oct 23, 2010
    i am starting project on automatic water irrigation system
    i have attached the block diagram and abstract here.
    it is my 1st software related project...so i need guidance plz help how to proceed.
    which microcontroller should i use?
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    Dec 19, 2007
    I think you need to spell out what you want the system to do. From your diagram, you need an MCU with one input, one output, +5V and common. A flow chart would be good. You also need to show the irrigation side.

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    as from your pdf the First μCont. is not required it can directly connected to HT12e

    what is VOLTAGE FOLLOWER ?

    my idea! !@%&#%*:D:rolleyes:

    Ist Tx ==>Soil Senior => ADC => RF Enc. HT12E => RF Module Tx.

    IInd Rx ==> RF Module Rx. => Dec. HT12D => μCont.(any one which you are familiar with ( as P89V51RD2 from NXP By PHILIPS) )

    hope you know the programming then pl. provide me and pl share the program
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    Feb 1, 2010
    How to you plan to apply the water? I don't see anything that controls a sprinkler valve or runs a pump. Most sprinkler valves run on 24VAC. I've found that they work fine with 12VDC (around 500mA).

    Why do you need the radio?

    As for which microcontroller, uC, to use, there are many that would work. Most hobbyists use the PIC's or the Atmel stuff. If you are completely new to uC's then I hear that the Arduino (uses the Atmel chips) is easy to get started with. If you want super low power performance then look at the PIC's. Microchip's website let's you narrow down your search. I would use an 8 bit PIC that had enough analogue inputs to handle the number of watering 'stations' you plan to support.

    I would buy a radio on a breakout board from sparkfun.com. Once you get it working you can always buy the components and integrate the radio to your project later. There was a blog post on sparkfun about someone's tech gardening project, (last summer). You'd probably be interested in reading that.

    Vegetronix http://www.vegetronix.com/ makes a very good soil moisture sensor.

    Take it one step at a time. First get your soil sensor input on the uC and light up an LED when your system thinks the soil is dry enough to water. You'll probably want a knob so the user can adjust that 'soil dryness' level.
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    Oct 23, 2010
    hello sir thanx fr yr precious replies.....
    m little confused wid da system:confused:
    overall we r sensing humidity level using resistivity of soil and controling motor.
    but dis we could have done wid simple logic circuit.
    why to go 4 complexity?