Watching this was the best 7 1/2 minutes of my week. How many of us have been in this meeting?


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I'm not big into this kind of stuff, but why is it always referred to as a "turbo" encabulator when the video always refers to it as a "retro" encabulator? Or am I not hearing it correctly?
GE released the turbo encabulator and Allen Bradley released the retro-encabulator. vast improvement.

There is a Wikipedia page. I think a graduate student "designed" it.

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Retro usually is.
Name two that are better...

The long-distance rates

the reliable connections

The suit, the shoes, the haircut or the 'stash.

Or the hair, or sweaters,

or the storage space, or HD video

Or the role models

or the Op Amps

or the smoking on plains, trains, bars, ...

or the ...


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I wonder if that last image of people smoking in a plane is real...
Probably not, but it wasn't far from real.

When I was in the service we had daily meetings in the break room at change of shift for two sister-shops -- so 4x the normal people and everyone but me smoked. The smoke was so think that it would fill the room from about chest height to the ceiling thick enough that you could not see the wall down the long dimension of the room (the room was something like 8' by 16') and it got to the point where I literally could not tolerate it (despite growing up in a house with a 3-pack/day smoker for a father) and had to pull a chair out into the middle of the shop floor and sit out there during the briefings.