Wat is this inverter called?

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hi, wld appreciate if someone can tell me the name of this circuit. i'm investigating the DC characteristics, wat elements am i missing in there? is the VTC supposed to look like that of a CMOS inverter?

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You have an odd looking Mosfet symbol. A battery with an arrow pointing in the wrong direction.

If both Mosfets are the same then they are not complementary like in a Cmos inverter.

It looks like you have a current-source at the top that feeds a Mosfet inverting transistor at the bottom.


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It's a ratioed logic inverter. M1 is always on (although it should switch of as Vout gets close to Vdd). When Vin is high, Vout is pulled down to GND and there is a current path from Vdd to GND through M1 and M2. When Vin is low, M2 is off and Vout is pulled up to Vdd.

It is very like pseudo-nMOS where the pulll-up transistor is a pMOSFET with the gate to GND.