Wasps and Fluorescent bulbs

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Ok. Not the most interesting question, but have you noticed that it is not only moths and long legged insects who buzz around light bulbs? I suspect that the wasp finds the fluorescent light bulb interesting because of the 50Hz flickering and maybe the switching noise ?? Anyone know more about this?


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I used a black-light bug zapper to clear the wasps out of an attic. They couldn't resist it.

It was amazing to see a wasp get zapped, then get up and attack the same place again!
So glad they didn't know it was I who placed the zapper in their space!


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Just to throw a crazy idea into the mix ...

I've heard that fluorescent bulbs can emit some microwaves (not sure how much). Also, I remember studiot once talking about moths and other insects possibly being able to sense RF and microwaves, and we tracked down a paper (see attached) that had the hypothesis that hornets use electromagnetics for communications/navigation. The paper shows hornet features that are similar to existing antenna designs (RF antenna, not insect antenna).

Just some food for thought. :)