Warning: Laser Radiation???

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That is what I read when disassembling a old electronic cd player. Question is: is their really radiation comming from the laser emitter when the electrical device is off, or does this only apply when the device is on? :confused:

And no, I'm not going to use the laser, I just want to take the circuit components around it off (free parts!!!), and use for my own electrical projects.


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"Radiation" does not necessarily mean "gama rays." A candle is a source of thermal radiation. And of course a laser LED is a source of laser radiation. The label protects any people who don't know what CD lasers look like. (And also reduces manufacturer liability.)


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Another name for LASER radiation is light.

Any photonic source, be it heat (infrared), radio, light, gama, ultraviolet, below or above these spectrums is radiation. Radiation is one of those words that is tricky, and means more than one thing.