Warning about automotive topics

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Because an automotive topic pops up and is closed on what seems a daily basis, would it be possible to put a warning to be seen on the top of each page, rather like the "We've lost our friend..." message? Preferably in

Big RED Letters!

Yes, I realize that everyone supposedly read the ToS, but apparently a number of people have memory problems! :D (I'll admit that I did not read the ToS -- at least I do not remember it! -- because most ToSs are expansions of the Golden Rule.) Then again, I no longer play with my car, and 28V is high voltage to me.

It's just an idea. I do not know if it can be done, or if The Owner would agree.



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That would characterize AAC deeply. We are All About Circuits, not The Site That Does Not Automobiles.

Let us Mods worry about the cars while you enjoy your browsing. If you really want to help, just report the delinquent posts.


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Who reads the ToS anyway? I know I don't read any. Scroll down and hit "agree".

I know it's not always wise, but in the era of intellectual rights and privacy policies, we often face a 10 page wall of text every day. I won't blame anyone for not reading it.