wanted device with volt meter amp meter and rheostat

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    Can some one tell me if a devise that fit this description exists ,there are power supplys out there that have an amp knobb and a volt knobb cc-cv and there are the type with only one knobb this type is hard to fine tune,the device I need is hooked between the power supply and the anode or cathode for electro plating in this case, but can work in just about any thing ,it is two rheostat one for ampere with a metter and one for voltage also with a metter to lower or raize and to fine tune the out put a device like this could be hooked up to a regular automotive battery charger so a person can control the current and voltage out put it has to have aligator clips,test leads at both ends to be able to hook it up conviniently,look at the tenm multiple outlet dc power strip in the mcm on line electronics store this is the part number for the power strip 72-6627-tenma and you will see how the device I am looking for should look,know this tenma power strip is neat ,but its missing the control knobbs for amps and volts,if some one could built this things I bet they would sell fast,hope some one can help me locate what I need or maybe some one can build one or modify some thing all ready built and sell it to me jdelao2@elp.rr.com name is joe see in to it www.mcmelectronics.com/product/tenma-72-6627-/72-6627 ?:rolleyes:±Ω≈±
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