Want to drive 2-digit LED from PC

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I got the circuit working now. I used a PicAxe18x as the microcontroller. I started out by buying the wrong type of display, I got two 74LS247 7-seg decoders and got a Common Cathode 2-digit display instead of common anode. By the time I found my mistake I already had everything breadboarded and it wasn't working. With the inclusion of three 74LS04 hex inverter chips, I sorted out the problem and got the displays to light.

Then... I miswired the data outputs on the PicAxe18x by following someone's advice on the PicAxe forum. Fortunately I was able to work around it with a couple of lookup lines in my code.

I'm sending the log file from the program out to the comport using a batchfile in cmd.exe, if it exists, then I delete the log. Since there is one instance in the log where the keyword I use to start reading the digits is used in a different fashion ("credits used" is first instead of "credits remaining"), I found a unique characteristic of that particular line (Action: Game End), I use findstr to send the other lines to the comport. The command is:

findstr /v /C:"Action: Game End" filename.ext >com1

This causes any lines that do not have the "Action: Game End" to be sent to the comport but lines with that string are skipped.


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Hi Wayne. I'm really glad to hear that you got the circuit working. Best of all, you did it with a Picaxe. I love turning people on to Picaxe, as they're so damn much fun to use and easy to learn. You're my second inductee here on the forum.