want to do the following:

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  1. oljoe

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    Feb 8, 2009
    I think I need a 555 to do this...
    1. want to control another circuit that is ready to use, just need a
    trigger to turn the thing on.
    2. would also like to randomly vary the timing of the trigger to suit
    my preferences. Maybe it would help to know that the ready to
    use circuit will emit a series of bell sounds when triggered.
    3. I've spent hours looking around on this site as well as several
    others but nothing seems to fit.
    4. I want the result to be physically small - not a lot of room
    for mounting components.

    I originally set out to do some kind of wireless trigger but can't
    seem to find anything simple and small enough. I even went so
    far as purchasing an inexpensive remote control clock could be turned
    off and on with a small remote control. The clock chimed I but was amazed,
    after taking the thing apart, at the size of the circuit board - way
    to big.

    I've been puttering around with this idea for almost a year and
    want to get things going.

    Any and all suggestions appreciated.

    Thank you,
    Joe O'Loughlin

    P.S. I have plenty of tools, meters, soldering skills etc. and worked
    in the world of computer electronics for 45 years.
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  2. Søren

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    Sep 2, 2006
    Hey Joe,

    And through those 4.5 decades you didn't once get annoyed over terms like small, way too big etc. without getting the frame of reference?

    Well, when I started my interest in electronics ~41 years ago, only a few select people got to work on the mainframes, which was just about the only computers around at that time, and I believe that anyone who started out that way and continued up 'till now must be aces in electronics?!?

    Well, if such a hot shot needs our help, maybe he could be persuaded to define the rather loose terms like "small" and "way too big" and perhaps give the right size limits?

    Personally my favour would be a PIC10F222 btw. :)