want to control dc motors from scratch

Discussion in 'Embedded Systems and Microcontrollers' started by adeeb, Jun 28, 2014.

  1. adeeb

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    Jun 28, 2014
    I would like to use a pic microcontroller and control stepper motors. I am a application developer. But i am keenly interested to stuff like that from so many years. I dont even have any equipments. To be frank. I have nothing with me, now i would like to know what all i need. I have written code for motor control and lcd. But tested only in simulation. But not in real. I could not get anything related to electronics at my place. So i have to travel a long distance. I would be glad if some one guides me. Any help is appreciated. From where should i start. Please tell me first what all i need.

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  2. MaxHeadRoom


    Jul 18, 2013
    If you are looking into the Picmicro line, there is quite a few App notes regarding motor control on the site.
    You will need a programmer such as the Pickit 2 or 3 and a development board.
  3. BobTPH

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    Jun 5, 2013
    It is not clear what you are asking.

    Do you have a controller board for the stepper and the PIC is only sending step forward or reverse command to it?

    Or is the PIC the controller, actually activating the different phases in sequence to perform a step?