Want flashing LED to stay on for 10 seconds

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I am making a small box that has LEDs on the inside and the outside. I am using a reed switch to make the LEDs inside the box come on whenever the door is open. I have one small flashing LED on the outside that I would like to come on for 10 seconds each time the door is closed. Any advice?


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If it's just a single LED on the outside, I suppose it's possible that if the current draw on that LED is small enough, a fairly large capacitor could be discharged through it which would keep it lit for roughly 10 seconds. Wont be precise but probably one of the simplest solutions considering the component count/cost.


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Can you use a time delay relay? Use the timer for an off delay. I am more into industrial electronics so I hope I'm not talking nonsense to you.


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wjpirates - to clarify -

You want, upon opening of a door (trigger signal), an LED to flash on and off for a period of ten seconds. Is this correct?


You want, upon opening of a door, an LED to stay LIT for a period of ten seconds, at which point, it shuts off.

Do one of those statements accurately describe your problem?


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yes i want this Led on and off 10 or 5 seconds plz help me:(.
Do not hijack threads! Start your own and post a link as reference if needed. I think your problem can be solved using two 555 timers. One acting in one-shot mode controlling the other that produces the blinking intervals.


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Here's one possible solution. Operating V unknown so some values missing. When SW isclosed, LED's light, C1 charges turning on U1 & U2 which powers up U3; R6 & C3 keep U3 at reset for a blink of an eye untill P2 stablizes hogh. When SW opens, LED's V falls below 1/3 +V, triggering U3 for 10 sec-- I think.