Walkabout 3wheel mobility scooter.

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Gordon non-macca

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Hi? Whole,
Not exactly technical, but please tell me about the protocols for charging the Walkabout mobility scooter I've just bought. – How long before I should unplug it? Should it be plugged in for 24 hours?
Better still if you can refer/link to a user manual or repair manual.
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Battery chargers are supposed to automatically stop charging when the battery is fully charged. I have had too many batteries killed by automatic chargers that failed to shut down.

I would not leave it on charge for more than 8 hours. It would be a good idea to regularly check the temperature of the batteries while being charged. Stop charging if the temperature rises above 50°C (i.e. when they get uncomfortably warm by touch).

Also, recharge the battery immediately after using the scooter, i.e. do not let the battery sit in a low charge state for too long.