VS2010 Video and USB Capture

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    Oct 22, 2011
    Hi, so a brief overview..
    Im building a GUI for controlling a robot over a USB wireless link (thats another problem.. but first things..)
    i have a wireless camera, relaying data back over a dedicated link, id like to be able to display this video stream inside the GUI as well as potential image processing..? is that possible?
    im intending to use something like this usb video capture device.
    so in sumarisation..
    how do i use that device, to insert a video stream to my GUI being designed in vs2010 in C++?
    Cheers, Chris
  2. ErnieM

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    Apr 24, 2011
    Possibly yes. I used a video capture board to get live video into a PC where it was displayed in a window of my program. You could even "click and drag" the image to move the camera.

    How did I do it? Damned if I remember the details. I took some sample C program that would put captured video on it's main window, converted it into a dll where you passed it the window handle to paint, and used that from my program (which was in Delphi but not that that matters).

    Worked under XP, I suspect video is no longer processed by the technique the sample program used (can't remember the method but it was a very early scheme with no security layer). But there is probably a way to do it... keep looking lol.
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