vrla battery charger with avr

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I'm tying to buid a VRLA battery charger
(model:ML12120 12v12AH . datasheet: http://maxpowertop.com/pdf/ML12120.pdf ):first the constant current and then constant
voltage is reqiured to charge the battery. Since the time of charging is about 10 hour , I want to know that is it nessary to
use a PID control feedback to speed up the regulation of current in the constant current charging (MOre instruction:
http://www.atmel.com/dyn/resources/prod_documents/current_supply.pdf) or a stap by stap increasig or decreasing in the switch
time on, to regulate the current is sufficient? the design based in useing the AVR microcontroller.
I will be glad to resive a designed models.