Volume I - DC, DC Network Analysis, Mesh current method, Mesh current by inspection

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    Jul 10, 2009
    Hi there,

    I'm a complete beginner in this area.
    I was reading the Mesh current method (Mesh current by inspection)
    and everything seemed nice and easy throughout the whole chapter
    except one little image:


    Could someone please check if the sign of B1 and B2 is correct in the equations on the right-hand side?

    According to my understanding of the chapter, I would solve the other two "Mesh current by inspection" examples just the same as in the book. But I would be wrong with the one included above. By using the method explained, I would get "Simplified" equations with minus sign next to B1 and B2:

    (R1+R2) I1 - R2 I2 = -B1
    -R2 I1 + (R2+R3) I2 = -B2