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    Mar 24, 2011
    Hello all,
    I have embarked on a project thet involves getting a dimmer to adjust up/down based on the volume of an incoming audio signal, with the ultimate goal of modulating a bunch of (40w?) lightbulbs in time to live music. i have found several good dimmer diagrams like http://www.electronics-project-design.com/Light-Dimmer-Circuit.html
    and i believe i know how to extract an amplitude from an audio signal(like a half wave rectifier but with variable peak voltage) but what it ultimately comes down to is i need to drive a potentiometer with a variable voltage on the third input, and get it to vary its resistance accordingly. the circuit needs to handle, say, 1Kw of power, or as much as the triac can handle. How can i do this? is there a better way with some components i have overlooked? any help for an emerging circuitry enthusiast would be appreciated.