voltage supply of a mosfet

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I have just implemented a circuit and i have used a mosfet(IRF540) which has a Vgs=10V. However i have used a supply of 6V and consequently i am not obtaining any output. i would like to know if i should use a mosfet which has a Vgs=6 V can you please specify a mosfet which has a Vgs of 6v.


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Vgs is the maximum gate voltage that can be applied without damage.

I think you need to look at the spec for Vgs(th), which is the gate threshold voltage.

For example, on the IRF540 it is 2.0V to 4.0V, which means you need to apply 4.0V or more (up to Vgs) to the gate to be sure the FET is turned fully on. And, be below 2.0V to make sure it is off.

BTW -- the IRF540 has a Vgs of +/-20V.


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You might give us more information about the voltage and current the FET has to handle. There are several logic level FET's that will fully turn on with 5 volts on the gate, but they tend to be light durt devices. The VN10LP is one I use a lot with logic, but it's limited to 30 volts and perhaps 100 ma.