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In one of my project i have PV, EB and battery sources which are connected paralle to a common dc bus. When pv source is not able to provide the reqd output volt (say 230v) i will switch EB source parallel.

Now my questions are:
1. The instant When i switch EB (say 230v) parallel, say pv gives 200v at that moment, because of potential diff a current will flow from EB to PV source. Please do let me know how to avoid this current?
2. Also i need to know, is that current persist as long as the sources are connected in parallel or that short moment when i switch the EB.
3. When i connect pv and EB parallel, the current is shared from the two sources by the load(say residential loads. My application requires 10A constant current. Usually when we connect 2 sources paralle the source with high volt will give more current. In my case if pv is able to provide say 6A the remaining 4A should only provided by the EB which may not happen here bcos EB is providing more volt than pv. But i require to consume less power from EB. Please do let me know how i can achieve this.

Hope yu hv understand my qun. my email id is <SNIP>
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