voltage regulator sot23-5 active low enable

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Hi folks,

I have made a mistake in my pcb design by connecting (active high) enable pin (pin 3) of voltage regulator TLV702xxDBV (SOT23-5, 2.8V output, 300mA) to ground . This has disabled the output permanently.

Can someone here help me in finding a voltage regulator with active low enable pin. I have found one tps79028 but this one is only able to supply 50 mA. I need a regulator that can deliver atleast 200 mA.

Can some give clue.

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You can always resort to lifting the pin on the SOT-23 and connecting it high with a short jumper wire. Or put a small piece of Kapton tape over the PCB pad before soldering down the part so that this pin does not make connection to the PCB. Then connect it properly with a jumper wire.