Voltage regulation

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    Jun 1, 2010
    heres a question...

    A 75KVA transformer, rated at 11000v/230v on no load, requires 310v across the primary to circulate full-load currents on short-circuit, the power being absorbed being 1.6KW. determine:

    (a) the percentage voltage regulation

    (b) the full load secondary terminal voltage for power factors of (i) Unity
    (ii) 0.8 lagging & (iii) 0.8 leading

    I can do (b) if i new (a)

    Do I 1st find Re and Xe from the full load current I1 and 75KVA and 1.6KW load also the cosθ then use the voltage regulation equation... is that how I go about solving this one??? I'm not sure how to get the 310v either??? any thoughts...