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First of all, what a great resource. I'm glad to have found this forum.

If anyone is willing, I have, what is for most of you, a simple circuit question that I am unable to figure out on my own. I am new to virtually all things DIY and am trying to begin with something simple. I opted to build a video projector from some old parts and an LCD screen.

I have most of my components in working order -- screen, fan, case, etc. However, the light bulb required is 82vac 410watts.

How would someone go about achieving 82vac from a 120v receptacle?

Thanks in advance for any help.


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I'd look for a transformer with a secondary that put out 80 VAC @ 6 amps. That will give you an output very close to the bulb spec.

I've taken one apart. They are busy animals inside.


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Howdy, If you can't find a transformer with a secondary voltage that low you can use a variac [adjustable autotransformer]. You can set it for 82 V; just make sure you get at least a 6.25 A or larger unit to keep it from overheating. Try to get a used one to save money.