Voltage of square wave

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hi all
I want to measure the voltage of 75 Hz bipolar square wave with single ended ADC as voltmeter.
What is the good method to measure it?
I need your help please.


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Bipolar into single ended won't work at the ADC. You can use an op amp to offset the square wave to unipolar, although a bipolar ADC might be preferable. You would probably want another circuit to detect the rise of the square wave and then trigger the conversion

What is the magnitude of the square wave?


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The most general ways to convert the bipolar into single ended is ti use a difference OpAmp, InAmp or balun transformer. InAmp will give a more precise conversion. InAmp will work for your low frequency.

Could you post a sketch block diagram that shows the source of your bipolar square wave, your adc, power supply and the (common?) ground?

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Thank you for your kindly help

What is the suitable type of general opamp as single supply InAmp for my low frequency?