Voltage Multipliers

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Hi, I collect antique radios mostly vacuum tube tech, RCA and Zenith radios are my favorite. Building battery packs can be a problem the weight factor and lack of room, too many 9 volt batteries.

Looking for a simple way to build a circuit using a few 9 volt batteries to generate 45 to 90 volts DC, with a low current required. Circuit must be regulated. Would be nice ....

Old battery packs used 9 volts high current for the tube filaments and up to 90 volts low current for plate voltage.

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Check out Ronald Dekker's great page on flyback converters:

Reduce R4 to ~100k or less.
You could use an IRF730 for T2, even an IRF510 might work if you stay below 100v. A 2N2222/PN2222 would for T1.
D1 needs to be a fast-recovery diode, 200V would be fine for you. A 1N400x series won't be fast enough.
The item below R7 is a neon lamp. Radio Shack carries 120v neon indicators that already have the resistor built-in, which would work for your 90v supply.

You really don't want to run from 9v "transistor" batteries though; they won't last long at all. If you used 8 D-cells in series, they'd last quite a while. Better yet, get a "wall wart" plug supply, and power it from that - never buy batteries again.