Voltage Doubler


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The voltage doubler shown only works with AC.
You probably need a boost converter to make 24 Volts from the 12 Volts.


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I would like to - this stuff is hard for me though. I am in the prototyping stage of my project... It may be easier to simply buy one so that I can get it up and running. Long term probably put one on the board I am trying to get together. The big pain in the butt for me is doing the boards. Really hard. I try the toner transfer method and it works about 50% of the time!

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Well - looking at it there are only a couple resistors and capacitors... What are the other symbols? Also there is an arrow that seems to skip over the 50K resistor!? What is that?


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arrow pointing over the 50K resistor, is the symbol for a variable resistor, 50K potentiometer.

The box is an IC, regulator I think,
100 uh is a coil.
1n5821, a schottky rectifier.


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The answer to your problem can be found here, as mentioned earlier >> http://www.virtualvillage.co.uk/12v-to-24v-dc-dc-power-converter-module-003602-013.html

It's the ready built version of the circuit Sgtwookie presented and costs £11.99

I bought this to fix a problem on a heavy duty PTZ camera which was struggling on 12VDC, I fitted this unit to only feed the stepper motor control PCB, setting it to 20VDC o/p, it worked great, although I'll re-design it to fit better in the confined space I have, I'll loose the fitted heatsink and use the chassis for cooling, thus keeping the profile low.

hope this helps.

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