Voltage Doubler supply for ham transmitter

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Hello All,

I'm looking for a voltage doubler circuit, that doesn't use a transformer, to convert standard 220 AC line voltage to approximately 400 volts DC @ 250 mA for the plate supply of the vacuum tubes of a ham shortwave transmitter. I would appreciate it if anyone could direct me to a source for such a circuit.

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Brian Burns


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Hello Brian,

I'm sorry, but we cannot help you with that particular request. Although our primary focus is electronics, our overriding concern is safety. Discussion of "transformer-less" supplies is specifically prohibited by our Terms of Service.

In order for a power supply to be considered safe, it must provide galvanic isolation from mains power, which means an inductive coupling of some sort - a standard 50/60Hz transformer, or a broadband transformer as in a switching power supply.

I suggest that you pursue a switching power supply design rather than a traditional 50/60Hz transformer. I know these transformers have become prohibitively expensive since tubes have largely fallen out of favor, and the cost of copper/shipping have gone up considerably.