Voltage Divider Rule question

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Please look at the attached circuit ,

According to Voltage divider rule ,

V1 should be equals to,

10volts x (33k + 68k) / ( 33k + 68k + 100k ) = 5.02volts .

but the circuit says its 2.812 volts

and V2 equals to,

10volts x (68k) / ( 33k + 68k + 100k ) = 3.38volts .

but according to the circuit its 1.641 volts,
please explain where i am wrong :confused:



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I'm completely new to this but simulating the initial divider circuit in Multisim with just the 100k, 33k and the 68k give the results you have calculated but as soon as I add in the 47k and additional 100k the voltage on my meters changed and when adding the op-amp in they changed again to the figures you found in your simulation.

As a guess I would say that for the bottom meter reading the 47k and 100k are working in parallel with the 68k to change the voltage divider values.