voltage converter dc/dc for lead-alum cell

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    Jan 1, 2012

    Yesterday i saw on Youtube this movie ->


    Guy convert Lead-Acid battery to Lead-Alum.

    I have lead-acid motorcycle battery 12V / 5Ah, with one was completely dead (total output 4V) all cells, when trying charge - not working at all.

    It was actually brand new battery, but i leave it sit uncharged... so it's go dead (small solar panel installation - few days without sun... electronic what should protect from being discharged of course cut voltage output, but itself by monitoring drain battery out to death ^^).

    I remove it from circuit (battery) and it was actually siting in box for recycling... when i saw this movie...

    So i decide to give it a try... as i said... i didn't actually believe in this so i done everything wrong ;) i mean i use tap water instead of distillate and make wrong proportions of alum. I was thinking i will prove myself that's wont work at all... and i should not believe in things saw on internet.

    After charging for a few hours and connecting using 500mA load i was able to get over 1Ah from it before dropping voltage to 10V.

    Right now i got 9.8V, but im discharging using LED strings, and there are voltage dependent so current draw drop to 300mA.

    I think i will need to build variable dc-load ^^ to get better tests

    But go back to point!

    I'm curios is there any simple circuits of DC-DC converter what will work for converting this varying voltage to somewhere 12/13 volts?

    It's a alkaline battery, it can be discharged to 0V, plates won't sulfate.

    This guy, run more complicated tests on them (he got better equipment and hes able to log voltage over time), and discharge curve its very gentle. Lead-acid will fall of bellow that 10V, this one will slowly go down but still giving current.

    So maybe we could build circuit what will product that 12V and max 1Amp output?

    I know there many circuits on web, but all of them need stable input voltage, so we can put 12V and get 24V. That's all.

    Here we will have 12V, 9V and maybe 6V... and still we want 12V at output ?

    Is there any circuits what will allow to do this ?

    Im thinking about this as an experiment, not a real something ;-)