voltage clamping circuit

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I am using an analog to digital converter to measure the output of an OP amp. The A/D converter has a maximum input voltage of 5v. However the OP amp is powered by 12v. I need to ensure that the voltage into the ADC will never exceed 5 volts without changing the linearity of any voltage below that point. If I put a reverse biased Zener diode to clamp the voltage below 5v, will it distort any signal below 5v and if so what other options are there.

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Use two diodes for input protection: one cathode to+5V, anode to input, the another cathode to input, anode to GND. Of course a serial resistor from opamp output needed (about 1k).


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Quick-and-dirty is to use an old CA3140 op amp. Pin 8 is a strobe, and will pull the output to 0 if it goes to 0 volts. Use a comparitor to sense 5 volts and pull the strobe pin down if that level is exceeded. - you can also use the low out of the comparitor to tell the micro that the voltage went too high.