Voltage and current calculations

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    About midway down the page reads, "Since we started at a capacitor voltage of 0 volts, this increase of 14.989 volts means that we have 14.989 volts after 7.25 seconds."
    This should be"...increase of .989 volts..."
  2. Wendy


    Mar 24, 2008
    A RC time constant of 1 second, and a capacitor reaches 99% of it's charge in 5TC, I think you can see where your logic is in error.

    In this case the capacitor reaches 0.99929 of its value in 7.25 TC, but remember, this is not the percentage, the percentage is 99.929% of the total charge of 15V.

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    You're right, i read it wrong and didn't check it before posting. sorry bout that.
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    Have you checked the rest of the book, or forum?

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