Vol I - DC, Image referenced in Chapter 5 Page 2

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    Vol I - DC, Chapter 5, Page 2:

    The diagram:

    The diagram is introduced with, "[...] we can go back to our original circuit schematic and note the current through each component:"

    Possibly deliberately omitted for visual simplicity, but only two of the three resistors actually have their current noted in the diagram. R2 is labeled with its resistance and an arrow for current flow, but not the "I = 500 uA" found next to R1 and R3.
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    The omission you have described does appear to be an oversight. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

    I hope you are enjoying the AAC ebook. You may want to join the forum to give you access to many of the attachments that are not available to those who are unregistered.

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    Image 00090.eps/00090.png has been updated at ibiblio