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I just bought a 1220 Ip Deskphone From Avaya

I have thru the years have had a lot of SIP accounts that I used with my softphones running on my computer.

I am wondering how I can connect this phone or voip phones in general that I buy (hardphones) with my internet SIP account that I signed up for and used awhile ago with my softphone. One of my accounts is on GetOnSip so I have the info domain , ip ,...etc.

Is it possible ? If so is it possible for all voip hardphones to do it or not ?
Basically is it some button/setting in the voip hardphone I press to allow me to type in the info that will connect me to my GetOnSip account.

I have to say I have seen it done connecting the ip phone to a asterisk based system inside the network as well as cisco's unified communicator software or something like that but this stuff doesn't apply for me since I am so small asterisk based system would be over kill. And I am going to be directly connecting it more or less to a router or directly to the cable modem rj45 jack. So it would depend on the ISP end for my ability to connect my phone to the outside world.

Question 2
If I can't get this phone to connect to my SIP internet accounts then what do I have to get from my ISP provider to allow my hardphone that is plugged into my router which is connected to there leased cable modem to make phone calls to people. Like is this a different type of services I have to sign up with with them like business class or something ? Right now my setup is old phone runs into cable modem thru rj11 jack on modem so this is a semi-voip but now I want to just go out thru the internet rj45 WAN connection. My current service is using the rj11 jack on the cable modem that is where my confusion is ...

Any help would be great. I would imagine all I would have to do is call them and ask them to switch everything on to the rj45 WAN connection that is internet as well as phone goes thru the same wire thru the tcp/ip stack. Though I am unsure I will beable to keep my number sense this number I have represents a local POTS landline number... though it goes thru my modem so it seems like it is voip....

Confused a little
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I don't really know about the voip hardware phones, or the services. I would think though most likely need a static i.p address from ISP additional $ E.g 1-5$ per month. the phone probably won't be able to be put behind a nat router since incoming calls would not be able to get through. theses may not even be an issue with the services, but I think normally should be considered. I would guess that the phones could connect to some server. since would think in enterprise setup with phones and PC on same network. they phones would have to point to some sort of voip PBX. which I would compare to being like Ethernet routers. believe these enterprise systems use sip, h3223 over I.P. think could traverse internet also, but may be blacked by firewalls at different places along the way.


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I don't know what op's requirements are for a phone, but I'll chime in just in general as to what I use. I run a small business, so the phones aren't super important but I do like them reliable with good call quality.

Believe it or not, I use google voice with GrooveIP on old android phones. It used to be pretty spotty performance a couple years ago, but they have really nailed it down now. Call quality and reliability are excellent now... very much rivals a landline. Best part is- it's completely free.


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Never used the Avaya, but most IP deskphones are setup through a web interface. You will need to connect it to a LAN with your computer and a DHCP server (modem router dhcp should be fine). It is likely to operate on standard port 80 so you should be able then to connect directly to its IP through a browser. If that doesnt work you will have to find its manual and see if a different port is used for web access or if another method (eg telnet or proprietary client) is required.
Once you have access it should be a simple matter of finding the sip section and inputting the settings and your account details.
Note, just like with any other ATA or computer SIP you will need to ensure your modem/router is forwarding the required sip and rtp ports.



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You can get Asterisk running with not a lot of resources. But it could be a hassle. You definitely need a gateway, a cheap Cisco 2821 would do it. I'm not sure but perhaps even something like a Cisco Spa112 though I've never used that.