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    Nov 28, 2011
    I am a final year btech student, we are going to do a project on security system in it we planned to do the voice recognition using matlab we need the program as described: Actually we had a memory slot in our hardware in it the voices will be stored later if we speak then the voices we stored and the voice now we spoked should be verified if the both matches only it should send a signal as digital '1' if the both are not matched it need not have to send any signals.I think you got a clear idea on my project please if you know please help me out my giving me the codes.And mail me ur response as fast as possible to <SNIP>
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    Enjoy the "F" your professor gives you.
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    you want a "1" if both voices match otherwise no signal.

    The voices will never (well highly unlikely) ever match even if spoken by the same person 2 seconds later so you (we ? :) ) will have to do some form of pattern matching so see how closely they match.

    For "no signal" do you mean "0" ? Isn't "0" a signal indication ? Or do you want the line left "floating" so that it can be any value the laws of Physics want it to be ?

    Just to give you a head start, I will give you something to get you started :
    Code ( (Unknown Language)):
    2. //
    3. // Before checking samples set initial value
    4. //
    5. match = true;
    Hope that's ok as you didn't specify what language you wanted us to do your assignment in.

    Maybe some of the other members will add extra bits if they are feeling generous :)