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    Aug 3, 2009
    hi all,

    i have been working on CC2430 chip which use zigbee(802.15.4) protocol for communication. i need to do realtime voice communication by using it.

    should i definitly use codec before sending voice?
    What is the important part of realtime communiation? i used 8 bit adc and sample frequency is 8 khz. and 8 bit dac to convert to analog again. The bit rate of zigbee is 250Kbps (K bit per second).

    without sending voice packet, i tried to produce voice with microphone and converted it with adc and again converted it to analog with dac and used amplifier before speaker. i heard voice well. this part worked good enough. i mean the problem is sending voice packet via rf. when i tried to send voice via rf i heard some meaningless sounds from speaker.

    thanks for helps...
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    You are going to want to use a codec.. That will significantly reduce the size of the data you have to transmit. A codec and a CRC algorithm is pretty much a must.

    Then its transmitting the packets.