Voice Greeting and Custom Phrases through Speaker DIY - Need Help

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Hey again...new to the forum...interested in hearing what you all have to say and hopefully getting some help on something i'd like to put together.

It seems fairly simple in concept but i dont know much about building circuits, programming chips (and which ones to use), and interfacing with some sort of audio file and speaker in this case....so here is what i want to do:
Simply have a voice greeting play through a speaker, such as "Hello, Mr. (insert name here)", actuated by a trigger of some sort, maybe a voltage input.
Eventually whatever architecture is made could hopefully be built upon, maybe having some buttons that say various phrases or even reading other types of inputs and then saying the phrase related to that signal... but i'll stick to the basic greeting for now then hopefully i can muddle through the rest of the programing and circuitry myself.

I'm planning to use a 12V supply triggered by a seperate voltage input. However, how to accomplish the whole scheme is beyond me. I'm a mechanical engineer so i have a slight background in EC design, and Mechatronics, but that's been a few years. If someone could help me with the basics like: circuit design (what microcontrollers can decode mp3), programming, do it need some sort of amplifier?, how to get the audio out to a speaker or headphone jack,?, etc... I really don't know where to start so if anyone has done something similar, has a schematic, or is willing to work with me, I'd greatly appreciate it!

Thanks to everyone in advance,