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I am working on a project as a sophomore electrical engineer, i am trying to build a voice changer by using a mic to use for voice input with a filter(low or high) then an amplifier to amplify the sound and finally another filter (low or high) , to get a voice of a favorite character. i did some research and i found that an active bass band filter does almost the same thing would that work for my case?

this is a schematic for what a bass band filter does, my input will be the microphone and my output would be a speaker. If you have any suggestions i will be happy to hear them.

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Yes, an active filter is ideal to use at audio frequencies. It avoids the large inductors that are required for audio passive filters. To design the filters I suggest you download the free FilterPro software from Texas Instruments.

But you would put both filters in front the of amplification if that is a power amplifier for headphones or speaker.