VO14642AT How do I bread board this

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    This is a solid state relay. Trying to bread board this and I burned a voltage regulator already. I know that I connect pin 1 to a ttl signal across a resistor, the second pin to ground the 4th pin to ground its the 5th and 6th pin i am confused about. One picture syas "DC" off the 5th pin and I thought I had to connect that to the power supply but another diagram has pin 6 connected to a voltage load and Vout. Where do I connect the power? Off a load to pin 6?
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    What kind of load (AC or DC) are you trying to switch on and off? The schematic that you see in the datasheet that shows pin 4 to ground is a test schematic. it is what Vishay used to show the characteristics of the SSR.

    If you are trying to switch an AC load pin 4 tied to the load and pin 6 goes to the voltage source, pin 5 is left floating. If you are switching a DC load then you tie pins 4 and 6 together and then to your voltage source and pin 5 goes to your load.

    Remember this is still a switch. So it goes in series with your load.

    +V ---> SSR ---> load ---> GND

    or for AC

    Line ---> SSR ---> load ---> Neutral
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